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Japanese painter EMI TANAKA 2019 UN Women's Conference(CSW63)Painting Exhibition at United Nations Headquarters Building

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  Japanese painter Emi Tanaka's paintings at United Nations Headquarters
  Ms.Naima, President, United Nations NGO, Arab Afro-American Women’s Leadership Council
I am Emi Tanaka. I came from Japan.
First of all, thank Dr. Naima and Mr.George for the opportunity to attend this wonderful exhibition. Thank you very much.
I believe that everyone can live happily in their own way. Mr.Daisaku Ikeda, the founder of Soka University, where I am currently studying social education, said that  university is for people who can not study at university. For those who can not come to such places, I think I am in such a happy and blessed place.
And by drawing how I live happily in my own way, I hope that those who have seen such works regain their pride and love themselves. For example, the "flower blooming in space" exhibited this time is drawn as the existence of each star shining in space as if it were blooming.
Even in dark cloudy sky or windy stormy night, there is always a shining star behind the clouds.
In the dialogue between M r.Daisaku Ikeda and French art historian René Yuig, there is a statement that "The deeper the darkness, the closer the dawn will be." As long as the light of hope is in my mind, I believe that the dawn of life will come.
From now on, I would like to express my world freely and share the world where all women and all people can live happily. What I met you this time is an important treasure in my life. I hope that through this work, this treasure will shine more and the world where we live happily will expand. Thank you very much.
  Japanese painter Emi Tanaka introduces her paintings at United Nations Headquarters
  Ms. Naima introduces the works of two female painters
  Ms. Naima, President of the United Nations Non-Governmental Organization of Arab-African American Women’s Leadership Council, issued a Certificate of Participation at UNHQ for the two artists.
  Painter Huang guanyu and painter Emi Tanaka painting exhibition at the United Nations Headquarters (CSW63)
  Japanese painter Emi Tanaka introduces her paintings at United Nations Headquarters
   Representatives attending the UN Women’s Conference are very interested in Japanese painter Emi Tanaka exhibited paintings 
  Japanese painter Emi Tanaka at United Nations Headquarters

  Women’s representatives attending the United Nations Women’s Conference (CSW63) sign the signature book

   Participate in the "Women for Peace" group photo at the UN Women's Conference (CSW63)
    Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the United Nations
まず第一に、この素​​晴らしい展覧会に参加する機会を与えてくださったDr. NaimaとMr.Georgeに感謝申し上げます。誠にありがとうございました。