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The Panama Pacific International Exposition and the World Chinese Elite Ceremony 2019

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  UN New Media PeaceeverTV Report :On October 29, 2019(local time), the Panama Pacific International Exposition and the World Chinese Elite Ceremony 2019 was held in the headquarters of the United Nations. The winners from many high-tech companies from China, local political and business representatives from the United States and friends from all over the world gathered here and the ceremony achieved a complete success.


Archie Gao, the president of the Panamanian Pacific International Exposition and the World Chinese Elite Ceremony. The Panama Pacific International Exposition and the World Chinese Elite committee: Agatha, Hafiz Muhammad Qasim, the Panama Pacific International Exposition Asia Region Committee: LIYINGA, HUANG HE, PIAO ZEJUN, Singapore CORT8 legal representative: KWON WOOJUNG, the executive director of CORT8: KIMDOHYOUNG, the CAIQTEST Korea CEO: CHOI SEOKHWAN, the chairman of the Chinese investment Development Association: NIU ZHIWEN, the chairman of the American Group: LI ZHONG CHEN, the American Group executive director: TIAN KAI DONG, the president of the Entertaining Making: WU XIN XIN, Jean Paul Laurent,the Founder & CEO of Unspoken Smiles Foundation. Unspoken Smiles Foundation is the subordinate of United Nations Economic and Social Council. Ziad K. Abdelnour, the Founder, President & CEO of Blackhawk Partners, Inc. a private “family office” in the business of originating, structuring & acting as equity investor in strategic corporate investments and co-Founder of Aeros-Blackhawk Partners; a trading platform focusing on the financing of real estate and project finance properties throughout the US. The Chairman of the Board of the Financial Policy Council. Paul Campbell, the contemporary famous artist. His work has been exhibited extensively in the US and abroad. Robert Kremer,the CEO of Fisonic Energy.Fisonic Energy is a New York based Technology Company that utilizes cavitation technology, providing green energy solutions to a broad spectrum of industries, such as waste heat recovery, pasteurization, commercial heating, and power generation. Fisonic technology is patented worldwide including China. Fisonic devices are installed in NY City Hall and a number of landmark buildings across New York area. Gerard Mac Keon is the publisher of the Black Tie magazine, publisher. Vidak Radonjic,the Managing Partner of the Beryl Consulting Group LLC. Andrew Lazarus,the partner of the Beryl Consulting Group LLC. Jean Jiblette,the Founder of the High Falls Foundation. She supports as a service to the national network of growers of Chinese medicinal herbs. Chris Reed,the director of the High Falls Foundation.Han Bao, the National Investor Relation Institute Member and the Columbia University EMPA Executive Council. Fred Yan, the President of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology in the greater New York area and the President of Tianjin University Alumni Association in North America. Her Royal Highness Queen Mother Temitope Ajayi is the Chairman/CEO of the Silicon Valley Nigeria Economic Development SV-NED Inc.

Mr.Gao, the President of the Panamax Pacific International Expo and the World Chinese Elite Ceremony, delivered a speech at the award ceremony, Agatha (liu hui), the organizing committee of the Panamax Pacific International Expo gave a speech, and He Huang, the executive director of the Panamax Pacific International Expo Asia Pacific Regional Organizing Committee and the vice-President of Beijing International Cultural and Trade Association gave a speech.

Gold Medal Award Winners: Hunan golden rice industry co., LTD. Brand "South Asia rice shrimp", Beijing road machine technology co., LTD. Brand "fu ze valley. Grain composite meal powder", shanxi apricot blossom village apricot blossom restaurant industry co., LTD., the brand "apricot Fen margin", Inner Mongolia sand head wine co., LTD. Brand "wine", hebei xing station ancient town culture communication co., LTD., the brand "hing town. Black beans maca wine", spring jersey in hebei agricultural science and technology co., LTD., the brand "ice wine" in huang mountain, hebei xing table wine industry group limited liability company brand "small xing high-ranked imperial concubine ice wine", guizhou xin garden industry co., LTD., brand "liyuan gong wine", One of the media sector award units: China view network north China won "excellent media."

Grand Gold Medal Award Winners: intern (Beijing) technology co., LTD. "intern technology", shenzhou kangbo health information technology co., LTD. "shenzhou kangbo, detection and clearance system", and hebei xingtai wine group co., LTD. Brand "xingtai tai · black bean ginseng wine".

The winners of the World Chinese Elite Awards attended the award ceremony and delivered their acceptance speeches. They are: Xiangming Shao, Tao Lu Mr, Jiwei Yu, Tingying Ning, Shaolong Zhang, Meilan Guo, Xuefeng Bai, Xiangdong Chen, Zhanqin Cui, Mengqing Representatives of Fan, Yiyu Su, Lina Jiao, Yuhua Li, Liu hui, Deng jingxin and Li xinxin.

 The Panama Pacific International Exposition and the World Chinese Elite Ceremony aims to build a bridge of high-end communication between China and foreign countries, promotes the communication between Chinese enterprises and their counterparts, and builds a platform for exhibitors to fully grasp the international frontier market trends, explores future international development opportunities and enhances the development potential of their market. At the same time, it helps the Chinese enterprises better understand the North American’s market, seek and develop better international cooperation in the future.
      Archie Gao, the president of the Panama Pacific International Exposition and the World Elite Chinese Ceremony told reporters that the ceremony is in line with the spirit "based on the service for enterprises, committed to upgrade culture". In the future, we will continue to make efforts in promoting Chinese brands, interpreting Chinese brand characteristics and enhancing the influence of Chinese brands at the level of cultural exchanges between Chinese and American enterprises.

       The award ceremony created a warm atmosphere of "interaction, discussion, communication and imagination", and the guests gathered freely and believed that the success of the expo was not only the respect of Chinese national brands for the national brand strategy, but also the promotion of the development of Chinese brands. Before the close of the ceremony, the organizer announced that the Panamanian Pacific International Exposition 2020 and the World Elite Chinese Ceremony will be held at the United Nations in New York in October 2020.